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Pride comes with disgrace, but humility comes with wisdom

Such a proverb speaks volumes of truth about mankind, a truth that shaped Personal Collection. Personal Collection 's story starts with Mr. Willie Evangelista, who had ambition but his ego was inflated. After his first business venture failed, he was told by his consultant, “You are your business' asset, but you are also its biggest liability.” He decided to let go of his ego and show genuine love for others. In 2003, he started over. He founded Personal Collection with a measly sum of $15,000, a tiny warehouse, 8 dealers, and 8 employees.

Today, Personal Collection has grown to more than 450 branches and thousands of employees in the Philippines, and has expanded to Malaysia. It is the love and humility that propelled Willie to share the Great Life with everyone, and it is Personal Collection 's mission to provide Malaysians with business opportunities. Its story is anchored in love and humility that can change the world.