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  1. Start your own business with just a RM10 purchase.
  2. Receive up to a 25% basic discount on all products.
  3. Be eligible for promotions and incentives.
  4. Work as an entrepreneur anywhere, anytime.
  5. Earn monthly commissions from home while enjoying a lucrative compensation plan for passive income.
  6. Market best-in-class products backed by a fully equipped in-house R&D team.
  7. Level up quickly with our easy-to-sell and fast-moving consumer products.
  8. Be one of the pioneers of our international expansion plan in 50 countries.
  9. Upgrade your skills through PC's industry-winning training programs designed for successful entrepreneurs.
  10. Be recognised, rewarded, and get to travel the world for free.
  11. Enjoy a nurturing culture and growth-centric environment where great leaders and excellent teams are created.
  12. Obtain a FREE website with a user-friendly and memorable URL from us when you join our group.

Dealer’s Road to the Great Life

Great Life Builder Great Life Manager
Great Life Visionary Great Life Director

Great Life Builder

Great Life Manager

Great Life Director

Great Life Visionary

To gain further insight into PC 's compensation plan, kindly click the icon below to view the PDF file.